A wedding, Lobsters and Freezing Cold Water

Wait....why didn't we think of this?  This was the first thought we had after stepping onto the gorgeous schooner in the Portland waterfront.

Two of our dearest friends Andy and Kayla were set to tie the knot on this…tall ship, schooner, boat?....I wont lie I know jack about sail boats so it def may have not been a tall sip, if tall ships and schooners are different, I wouldn't know.  New, old, big, little, wood, fiberglass....they're boats with bed sheets as an engine.... Anyways I digress,  Ani and I had longed for this day to come for a while.  Not only was it going to be one hell of a memorable event, it was also and excuse for us to run away for a weekend(plus some).

The wedding ceremony was to die for, perfect weather, on a perfect boat with the perfect back drop....red buoy #12 was ringing just about as they kissed for the first time as a married couple.  Seeing the bride and groom surrounded by friends and family, the intimate affair was just and amazing experience to be a part of.

After the schooner, we all met up at Rising Tide brewery and celebrated the newly weds till the night wore thin.  I even danced, it may have been the number of beverages consumed in a 24 hour period or maybe the excitement after watching two amazing people start the next, and largest, chapter of their life, but I typically am not really out there cutting rugs.  I was reminded by this fact the next morning when my left hamstring was not feeling the way it did before..... 

The next morning, we all met up again for a lovely "morning after" brunch and the guests could only chat about how perfect of an event it truly was!

Now, for Ani and I, it was the beginning of the second leg of our journey.

For basically my entire life, my family has been spending time in Maine.  20 some odd years ago, my parents pulled the trigger on a tiny, falling down, cottage in a very small village(kinda just houses on a harbor) called Round Pond.  Now the house was actually falling down, we had to replace the foundation before we could do anything with it, and yes, that made the local paper.

For some odd reason I haven't been up to the house much in the last decade.  After completing my thru-hike of the AT, I spent a night or two there in October of 2011 then not again for 9 years.  

I took Ani up to the house for the first time in October of 2019 for our 1st anniversary.  We met Andy and Kayla, yes the two who just got married, at The Camden Snow Bowl for a leaf peeping chairlift ride and pancake breakfast.  If you haven't heard of the Snow Bowl, I wouldn't be surprised, but it is the only ski area in North America that you can see the Atlantic Ocean from and it should definitely be on any skiers list of mountains to get to at some point.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, we knew we had the chance to take a few extra days after the wedding to get away before we get bogged down at the shop and really have no days off for like 4 months.  The first night Ani and I were beat from the full wedding weekend and made a quick albeit kinda odd dinner as we forgot most of our important cooking supplies and half of the ingredients for anything we thought we were going to eat.  We did find out that hand smooshing tomatoes doesn't make a great pasta sauce but would be good for homemade naan pizzas.

I showed her the "old summer haunts" which was kinda funny to see whats changed in the last decade.  We stopped at Pemaquid Lighthouse(the one on the Maine quarter), downtown Damariscotta, Camden and Rockland. 

When it came time for dinner night two the only place open, in the small cove the house is near, was Round Pond Lobster. Every where has been hit hard with the lack of potential employees, as there is typically a whopping three places to eat!  Anyways, Round Pond Lobster has one menu item...a shore dinner.  Now I knew exactly what we were getting into, Ani maybe not so much.  If you're not familiar with  a shore dinner, its a lobster, pound of steamers and corn on the cob, all steamed up in a bag and served on a tray.  It's amazing to say the least.  

Welp, with a line across the parking lot there was no chance of us grabbing one of 8 picnic tables they have, so the grassy knoll overlooking the harbor was going to be our table for the evening.  A two minute walk home and back and we had a blanket and a few beers.  It was perfect.  So much so, that we went back the next night and what would be our last in Maine.  

One thing I hadn't done in far too long was jump off the dock.  Now maybe it was half a growler of Sheepscot Valley Brewing Pemaquid Ale in me, but after our last dinner, we made our way down to the dock and without hesitation I made the leap.  It seemed so much larger when I was ten!  The one thing I did forget...how damn cold the water is up north. Now the next morning, I had convinced Ani she absolutely HAD to jump with me.  So to kill the 30 min before the Granite Hall (an amazing penny candy, trinket, anything you could possibly need old school general store) opened, we walked back down and made the leap together.  I did have to go once alone to prove to her that she wouldn't hit the bottom though!

That morning was the last day we had so after a quick pack up and tidy up of the house we were on our way home.  We wish every part of this trip had lasted longer, but alas we had to get back to the real world.  

If you made it this far I want to thank you, as this is only the second blog post I've ever created, the first with pictures (I learned something! yay).  Anyways as a token of my thanks for reading this I'm offering a special to anyone who makes it this far.  Use the coupon code MAINE and you will get 20% off everything on the website, if your'e local and you read this, just stop in the shop let me know what the discount code is and we will obviously honor it in store as well!


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