Our Newest Brand-Humble Gents Social Club

Ok, so let me start by saying this is actually my first blog post ever, I'm terrible at writing and realistically have no clue how this will work.  So please bear with me.

The story of how we found this amazing new brand is a wild and amazing one.  When we first opened, I logged into Instagram and started typing in C-A-H-I-L... and don't you know a page popped up.  @Cahillclothiers.  No, there is absolutely no relation to me, my family or our, then, brand new company.  Well  before I even finished setting up my own account I had to do some digging.  This is where it gets wild!

This amazing shop, unfortunately now online only, caters to men who want to mix fashion and streetwear and enjoy a relaxed pleasurable shopping experience, sound familiar?  We know all too well that type of store is hard to find.  Trust me, I understand that more then anyone as that's why I opened my store too!  

So upon scrolling through their posts I stumbled across some amazing screen printed tees, crew necks and hoodies, among other items of course, but I was struck at how clean these printed designs I kept seeing were.  

Enter Humble Gents Social Club

Now time went by and I hadn't thought to send a DM to the owner of Humble Gents.  Not quite sure why, maybe because I am horrible with social media, maybe because I was busy trying to get my store off the ground, maybe because I forgot....

Anyways fast forward to March of 2021.  We were in the middle of moving locations and lining up a fresh new inventory for the new shop.  So I sent a DM I should have years earlier and don't you know I got a quick response from a lovely guy named Aaron.  He was more then happy to style us up with his gear and we were eager to see it in person.  It was too easy.  Now paying in foreign currency was a first for me but that was easier than I thought!

Aaron has worked in the retail world for what seems like a good bit and always wanted to go out on his own.  He taught himself to screen print through videos and lots of trial and error.  His love for football, the sport where they actually use their feet(haha), and "the odd expensive jacket and adidas trainers" helped him form his style to what we see today.  The name for the brand was inspired by a picture of Andy Warhol standing in front of a sign that said "Humble Gents Social Club" was his "eureka" moment.  He knew that was what he was going to work off of. And just as much a she loved it, we did too!

We will always have a rotating stock of varying colors and designs from him as we just love the fluidity of the brand and his work is clean AF (sorry mom). So thank you for reading this long winded, probably terribly worded ramble of mine!  Also thank you Aaron for cranking out what has quickly become some of my favorite gear in the shop!  There will be more of these posts and I will get to all of our brands at some point and explain what they're up to and why we carry them but no guarantees on when the next one will be or how often I get to writing these. 



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